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A good photography day! Not many shoots, but the two that I did produced some awesome images. My first shoot was the moving of a house that had been donated to a woman’s shelter. The sight of a house in the middle of one of the busier intersections in town is pretty impressive, and add on guys running along its roof moving wires and signs and I was very inspired visually. I then went and shot kid’s day at the local railroad museum. If you go to kid’s day at a railroad museum and come back with no images, something went horribly wrong … I did get some good images, so all was well!

A Different Kind of Mobile Home

Kid’s Day Railroad Depot Museum


Another hours crunched Wednesday. I shot the mayor attending a demonstration of emergency capabilities, organized to let all the important people in the county know their plans for emergencies and to make them aware of what capabilities are available. I then shot a portrait for our monthly Wheels story, this month on two motorcyclists and their bikes.

Emergency Capabilities Meeting



Kept myself busy this day. Started out shooting for a back to school special section and a story about a tax holiday coming up. Then I went to the local ER to shoot a story on their new, streamlined system. I ended my day covering a dress rehearsal for the local theater’s production of the Wizard of Oz.

Back to School

Emergency Room

PCLT Wizard of Oz


A slower day today than most. Snagged a cool shot in the morning on my way to work of the fog. Later shot the construction site where they are putting in a new Applebee’s … BIG news! 😉




This post is dated the 22nd because it was TECHNICALLY Sunday morning, but I was still up from Saturday. I was on my way home after hanging out with a friend until 3am. As I approached the road that leads to the road my house is on I was stopped with flashing lights and power trucks. I went up and talked to the cops who said that an SUV had slammed into a light pole and knocked out power to the area. So I meandered my way through some back streets to my house, got my cameras and reflective vest (a suggestion by my editor that has come in handy MANY times … A good piece of equipment for anyone who wants to cover spot news or shoot at night … You never want to become the subject of the news because a driver couldn’t see you while you were working!), and walked down to the scene. I approached and took some pictures and then went up to talk to the police (he seemed thrilled to see me in my vest with my gear after already talking to me and not realizing that I was with the press … Sarcasm 😉 ). He called for his Lieutenant to come out and talk to me and I found out that the driver had left the scene before the police arrived. So I stuck around and shot the scene and the crews replacing the pole (since the power was out at my house from this I wouldn’t have any AC anyway so I figured why not stick around). I ended up getting to be at 5am … Not what I was expecting on my ride home!

Power Outage


Another Saturday with a shoot. This one was a quick illustration for a story on cellphones and young people.



I had a feature shoot this day and a story about a walker. The local recreation department puts on a day camp-esque event each year called Mini Park (don’t ask me why it’s called that) where they have different activities for kids. I covered the last day when they had a water slide set up (essentially a giant sheet of plastic with water and soap on it). Got some cool shots of kids and counselors going for a fun ride. The day ended with a shoot of a lady who lost 215 lbs walking at a local walking path.

Water Slide