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It was supposed to be a quick Saturday with one shoot, but I got the call for a Greyhound bus that grounded out and got stuck partly in the road blocking traffic. Turned out a bit longer than I expected, but that’s the world of news for you!

Stuff the Bus

Stuck Bus


An average day of shooting. Took a portrait of a new principal at a local church that has a school. I then took a grip and rip for the business of the month (not everything I shoot is fun and exciting). I then finished off the day with coverage of Live on Main. Not busy, but busy enough.


Business of the Month

Live on Main


Busy day … Got in early to edit some photos then got to work shooting. I started with an advertising shoot for the local school district. This was followed by a shot of a swim team with their medals, followed immediately with dress rehearsal for a children’s theater workshop. I then went out and took a portrait of the deputy director of recreation at an outdoors archery course. Following that I went out to get a portrait of a new local high school principal and to snag a cover shot for an upcoming back to school special section. on my way back to the office I got a quick shot of an egret on the side of the road. Some good photos for a busy day.

School Ad

Swim Team

Children’s Theater

Archery Portrait

High School Principal

Cover Shot

(Get it?! Apple and Apple?!)



A rather slow day … Only one shoot worth mentioning. I had to provide some art on a story about Operation Manhood that deals with character development for children (of any gender … despite the name).

Operation Manhood