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HOT! It was so very, very hot this day. The thermometer was no indication of how incredibly sweltering it was here. For instance, the thermometer read 89 in the morning, but the heat index was at 105 … ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE!! Of course, as luck would have it, I had to spend the vast majority of the day out in the sauna they call weather here. I started out the day shooting portraits for an ad, then I shot a house being moved through downtown. This was followed by football practice at a local high school then photos of that same school’s newly renovated elementary school library. This was followed by a photo for a group of horse riders who made a charitable donation to a local group (to be used for Camp Sunshine … for those of you who have been following my blog). I then went from there to shoot another high school’s football practice. I was beat by the end of the day and dehydrated to the point of cramping (I was just unable to keep up with the amount of water I would have had to be consuming to keep hydrated). Welcome to a Mississippi summer!

Ad Portrait

House Moving

Parklane Football Practice

Parklane Library Renovation

Donation Photograph

McComb Football Practice


Today was a SLOW news day. Nothing much was going on in town so I was on the hunt for feature art again. This time I decided I wanted to go about it more economically than last time I was searching for features by driving around the entire county. This time, after a discussion with my editor, decided to go get some feature art on the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing. I remembered people talking about these things called “Splash Pads” which are areas in a park with fun fountains and water cannons that kids can use to cool down without the need of a lifeguard (since there is no pool). I called the Recreation Department (imagining that I was talking to Leslie or April) and found out they had opened for the season, so I went down there and got some photos that really spoke to the high temperatures I think … I was a little jealous of those kids!

Splash Pad