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A slower day for photography, but I went out and shot a story on a boxing club that trains beneath a bar. The lighting was atrocious, but I think I did pretty well considering!



A busy Saturday! Got a call from a friend about a major wreck on the Interstate. I shot out there to cover it and turned out it was two adults and four children rolled in a minivan. Everyone was transported to the hospital, but no one sustained any major injuries. I then had to go cover a pep rally where the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders (the Saintsations) came. Busy, busy Saturday.




A whole lot of driving this day! My photographing for the day started out with covering a jack-knifed truck on the Interstate. The rest of my day was spent driving all over the place with a writer for a couple assignments. I had to drive out to a “local” high school for media day to shoot some portraits and get some head shots for possible future stories. From there we went up to another county’s courthouse to document a Tuskegee airman receiving a Congressional Gold Medal (technically a bronze replica as the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded the gold medal as a group, so the original gold medal resides in the Smithsonian). A cool day with a LOT of driving (over 120 miles all told), but I got to shake hands with a Tuskegee Airman … Pretty sweet!


Football Players

Tuskegee Airman


A good photography day! Not many shoots, but the two that I did produced some awesome images. My first shoot was the moving of a house that had been donated to a woman’s shelter. The sight of a house in the middle of one of the busier intersections in town is pretty impressive, and add on guys running along its roof moving wires and signs and I was very inspired visually. I then went and shot kid’s day at the local railroad museum. If you go to kid’s day at a railroad museum and come back with no images, something went horribly wrong … I did get some good images, so all was well!

A Different Kind of Mobile Home

Kid’s Day Railroad Depot Museum


I had a feature shoot this day and a story about a walker. The local recreation department puts on a day camp-esque event each year called Mini Park (don’t ask me why it’s called that) where they have different activities for kids. I covered the last day when they had a water slide set up (essentially a giant sheet of plastic with water and soap on it). Got some cool shots of kids and counselors going for a fun ride. The day ended with a shoot of a lady who lost 215 lbs walking at a local walking path.

Water Slide



Busy day … Got in early to edit some photos then got to work shooting. I started with an advertising shoot for the local school district. This was followed by a shot of a swim team with their medals, followed immediately with dress rehearsal for a children’s theater workshop. I then went out and took a portrait of the deputy director of recreation at an outdoors archery course. Following that I went out to get a portrait of a new local high school principal and to snag a cover shot for an upcoming back to school special section. on my way back to the office I got a quick shot of an egret on the side of the road. Some good photos for a busy day.

School Ad

Swim Team

Children’s Theater

Archery Portrait

High School Principal

Cover Shot

(Get it?! Apple and Apple?!)



I was bouncing around a lot this day. My weekly hours were getting tight and, in order to leave enough time for Wednesday to get my work done, I had to take odd breaks throughout the day to work with it. The day started with a shot to preview a groups Stuff-the-Bus event that is coming up. I then had to shoot down to Magnolia to cover a box fan donation and then a portrait hanging in the courthouse. This was followed by a break until 6 when I went to cover a world class drum and bugle corps from New Jersey that was stopping in town to practice for a competition they were heading to in Louisiana. I then ran over and covered another Dixie Youth baseball game. The team who was ahead in the series won the first game in a decent time so I was able to get off at a reasonable time and preserve what few hours I had left in the week for Wednesday.


Box Fan Donations

Portrait Hanging

Drum and Bugle Corps

Dixie Youth