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A whole lot of driving this day! My photographing for the day started out with covering a jack-knifed truck on the Interstate. The rest of my day was spent driving all over the place with a writer for a couple assignments. I had to drive out to a “local” high school for media day to shoot some portraits and get some head shots for possible future stories. From there we went up to another county’s courthouse to document a Tuskegee airman receiving a Congressional Gold Medal (technically a bronze replica as the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded the gold medal as a group, so the original gold medal resides in the Smithsonian). A cool day with a LOT of driving (over 120 miles all told), but I got to shake hands with a Tuskegee Airman … Pretty sweet!


Football Players

Tuskegee Airman

5/28/12 – Memorial Day

So I actually had a full weekend off! Gave me some time to explore a little … Still trying to get settled … Hard to do while still living in a motel though! Anyway, we had half a day off on this day so I only had one assignment, shooting the Pike County Memorial Day Service. It was HOT! I was sweating like a water fountain and had to hit the AC and water pretty hard when I was done shooting it. It was nice, the Adjutant General of the Mississippi National Guard spoke … a pretty big deal for a city like McComb since guys in his position usually attend bigger events in Jackson or on the Gulf Coast.

Memorial Day Service