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An average day of shooting. Took a portrait of a new principal at a local church that has a school. I then took a grip and rip for the business of the month (not everything I shoot is fun and exciting). I then finished off the day with coverage of Live on Main. Not busy, but busy enough.


Business of the Month

Live on Main


I was bouncing around a lot this day. My weekly hours were getting tight and, in order to leave enough time for Wednesday to get my work done, I had to take odd breaks throughout the day to work with it. The day started with a shot to preview a groups Stuff-the-Bus event that is coming up. I then had to shoot down to Magnolia to cover a box fan donation and then a portrait hanging in the courthouse. This was followed by a break until 6 when I went to cover a world class drum and bugle corps from New Jersey that was stopping in town to practice for a competition they were heading to in Louisiana. I then ran over and covered another Dixie Youth baseball game. The team who was ahead in the series won the first game in a decent time so I was able to get off at a reasonable time and preserve what few hours I had left in the week for Wednesday.


Box Fan Donations

Portrait Hanging

Drum and Bugle Corps

Dixie Youth


I was BUSY this day, but most of the shoots were grip and rips that no one reading this would find interesting to see. A whole lot of daily newspaper coverage involves group photos to show people at events or receiving awards. I try to avoid them when possible, but sometimes it’s what they want and there’s not much else I can do about it. Though this day I did also get to take a photo of a little girl who got a letter back from President Obama after writing to him and I covered a performance by a local performing arts center. So there are some nice photos to share!

Obama Letter

Performing Arts


Had some interesting shoots this day. I had a ribbon cutting which was uneventful, but then I stumbled upon a crew installing traffic lights at a major intersection which made for some interesting art. Later that day I also shot an archery tournament that was unlike any archery tournament I had seen before. The people would follow this path in the woods that led to 14 different stations with 3D animal targets at them. It was pretty cool to shoot (no pun intended) and kind of made me think of the Hunger Games. Then I ended my day covering Live on Main again with an awesome blues band I had heard (and covered) before so it was a pretty nice end to the day.

Traffic Lights


(Note the arrow still flying in the air … I was happy to catch it!)

Live on Main


Another Saturday and another day working … I’m technically supposed to be off on Saturdays, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. This day I shot the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. They were supposed to play in the park and there was supposed to be fireworks, but that got rained out … Kind of stinks …

Mississippi Symphony Orchestra