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It was supposed to be a quick Saturday with one shoot, but I got the call for a Greyhound bus that grounded out and got stuck partly in the road blocking traffic. Turned out a bit longer than I expected, but that’s the world of news for you!

Stuff the Bus

Stuck Bus


A quick day, did mostly housekeeping paperwork and kept my hours short to save up for a busy week ahead. Shot an accident where a car was struck and went off an embankment. No one was severely injured.



HOT! It was so very, very hot this day. The thermometer was no indication of how incredibly sweltering it was here. For instance, the thermometer read 89 in the morning, but the heat index was at 105 … ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE!! Of course, as luck would have it, I had to spend the vast majority of the day out in the sauna they call weather here. I started out the day shooting portraits for an ad, then I shot a house being moved through downtown. This was followed by football practice at a local high school then photos of that same school’s newly renovated elementary school library. This was followed by a photo for a group of horse riders who made a charitable donation to a local group (to be used for Camp Sunshine … for those of you who have been following my blog). I then went from there to shoot another high school’s football practice. I was beat by the end of the day and dehydrated to the point of cramping (I was just unable to keep up with the amount of water I would have had to be consuming to keep hydrated). Welcome to a Mississippi summer!

Ad Portrait

House Moving

Parklane Football Practice

Parklane Library Renovation

Donation Photograph

McComb Football Practice


A busy Saturday! Got a call from a friend about a major wreck on the Interstate. I shot out there to cover it and turned out it was two adults and four children rolled in a minivan. Everyone was transported to the hospital, but no one sustained any major injuries. I then had to go cover a pep rally where the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders (the Saintsations) came. Busy, busy Saturday.




A whole lot of driving this day! My photographing for the day started out with covering a jack-knifed truck on the Interstate. The rest of my day was spent driving all over the place with a writer for a couple assignments. I had to drive out to a “local” high school for media day to shoot some portraits and get some head shots for possible future stories. From there we went up to another county’s courthouse to document a Tuskegee airman receiving a Congressional Gold Medal (technically a bronze replica as the Tuskegee Airmen were awarded the gold medal as a group, so the original gold medal resides in the Smithsonian). A cool day with a LOT of driving (over 120 miles all told), but I got to shake hands with a Tuskegee Airman … Pretty sweet!


Football Players

Tuskegee Airman


A good photography day! Not many shoots, but the two that I did produced some awesome images. My first shoot was the moving of a house that had been donated to a woman’s shelter. The sight of a house in the middle of one of the busier intersections in town is pretty impressive, and add on guys running along its roof moving wires and signs and I was very inspired visually. I then went and shot kid’s day at the local railroad museum. If you go to kid’s day at a railroad museum and come back with no images, something went horribly wrong … I did get some good images, so all was well!

A Different Kind of Mobile Home

Kid’s Day Railroad Depot Museum


This post is dated the 22nd because it was TECHNICALLY Sunday morning, but I was still up from Saturday. I was on my way home after hanging out with a friend until 3am. As I approached the road that leads to the road my house is on I was stopped with flashing lights and power trucks. I went up and talked to the cops who said that an SUV had slammed into a light pole and knocked out power to the area. So I meandered my way through some back streets to my house, got my cameras and reflective vest (a suggestion by my editor that has come in handy MANY times … A good piece of equipment for anyone who wants to cover spot news or shoot at night … You never want to become the subject of the news because a driver couldn’t see you while you were working!), and walked down to the scene. I approached and took some pictures and then went up to talk to the police (he seemed thrilled to see me in my vest with my gear after already talking to me and not realizing that I was with the press … Sarcasm 😉 ). He called for his Lieutenant to come out and talk to me and I found out that the driver had left the scene before the police arrived. So I stuck around and shot the scene and the crews replacing the pole (since the power was out at my house from this I wouldn’t have any AC anyway so I figured why not stick around). I ended up getting to be at 5am … Not what I was expecting on my ride home!

Power Outage